My Role:

Product Development
Brand Development
Web Store Development
Sales & Marketing

Project Challenge: Transforming a passion project into a thriving small business with a pre-teen entrepreneur.

What We Achieved:

  • Developed a Brand Identity: We collaborated to create a strong brand that resonated with So-Tru.Shop's target audience.
  • Crafted Unique Products: We designed and formulated homemade slime, candles, and natural beauty essentials.
  • Built an E-commerce Platform: I developed a user-friendly online store to showcase and sell So-Tru.Shop's creations.
  • Launched Multi-Channel Marketing: We implemented a sales & marketing strategy utilizing online marketing and local pop-up events.
  • Secured Retail Partnerships: So-Tru.Shop's products were successfully sold as a vendor in two local shops.


This project provided a valuable learning experience for both myself and my pre-teen partner, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and turning our passion into a successful business. 

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Trish's Work Ethics

Consistency Driven By Passion, Curiosity, Challenges, and Innovation.

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