About Trish

Trish Bellardine

Hi there, I’m Trish, but you can call me Tru!

Thanks for stopping by my About page! Looks like you're curious to find out who Trish, or Tru, really is. 

I have to admit, talking about myself isn't my strong suit, but I'm excited to share my story with you, so let’s dive in!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve found joy in expressing myself through various creative outlets. My first job in high school was babysitting, which sparked a deep interest in child psychology and coaching young minds. For over eight years, I worked with wonderfully diverse groups of children, always finding ways to weave creativity into our interactions. This path led me to a passion for creative technologies. I followed this calling to the Art Institute, where I honed my skills and later started my own business, Tru Designs, in 2011. What began as a custom design and print production service blossomed into a full-scale digital marketing agency, helping businesses big and small with everything from logo design and UX/UI to SEO and web development.

I’m a self-described jack of all trades, with a hefty dose of empathy and a knack for creative tech. 

I’m all about the “let’s get it done” mindset, driven by innovation and a heartfelt desire to make a positive impact. Life’s also busy at home, where I’m raising my teenage twins as a single parent. My son, who has special needs, is a bundle of joy with a contagious smile, and my daughter is a budding entrepreneur who I recently teamed up with to start SoTru, a small creative project of our own. We live in California, close to my immediate family, though my roots trace back to Puerto Rico. Yep, I’m the first "LA Rican" of my clan!

Finding the Perfect Balance

When I'm not juggling projects or mom duties, I love to put my hair up with some painting, making beats, chilling at the beach, snowboarding, jet skiing, stargazing, enjoying sci-fi flicks, crafting, hiking, and traveling with my family. Sometimes, I just like to kick back and relax—to clear my mind and recharge.​

So, Why Tru?

Wonder how I got the nickname Tru? Back in my high school street art days, I played around with my name, Tricia, by replacing the Roman numeral II (for my Gemini sign) with a "2". This evolved from "2rish" to "2ruish", and finally just "Tru". I had a blast with the typography and name play, and it just stuck with me.

Let’s Collaborate!

I’m super excited about the idea of joining a team that’s as enthusiastic about creativity and innovation as I am. I bring a unique mix of skills to the table, ideally suited to making a difference and inspiring others. I believe I’d be a great addition to any company looking to spice things up. Let’s make some cool stuff happen together!

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